семинар на ИСФИ - въведение в астрофотографията

Time: November 26th, 2021, Friday, 16:30

Lecturer: Nikola Antonov

Meeting: https://meet.iaps.institute/popular-science (the platform will be accessible in 15:30 on the meeting day). Online broadcast will be available on the IAPS YouTube channel .

The lecture will focus on the process of collecting and processing astrophotographic material – planets and “deep sky”. Methods of calibration and clearing the various types of “noise” will be covered; how to do auto-guiding or how to “freeze” the sky; what software we shoot with and what settings to choose – exposure, gain, offset. The next phase is to get a final image from the raw material. With examples from practice, we will learn the basic steps in post-processing such as stacking, background extraction/neutralization, photometric color calibration, and histogram stretching, with emphasis on the use of free and open-source software.

Discussion topics: How to impose our personal perspective into the final image of the sky?

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