LECTURER: Silvio Sciortino, University of Florence

TIME: 08.11.2018 /THURSDAY/ 18:00


Synthetic diamond is an interesting material for preparing particle detection devices due to its radiation hardness and high velocity of carriers. The 3D electrode architecture is a new concept that enhances these two appealing features of diamond. In this talk I will show how we fabricate 3D electric contacts with diamond by femtosecond laser graphitization and why the 3D diamond-based devices could be the fastest and more highly radiation tolerant sensors ever produced, meeting the requirements of future planned high energy experiments at CERN.

Synthetic diamond is also widely used in clinical dosimetry because of its equivalence with human tissue in terms of energy absorption under photon beams used in radiotherapy. 3D diamond sensors with high sensitivity and spatial resolution can be very useful in small field dosimetry. I will show preliminary result that we have obtained in this field of research.

Silvio Sciortino obtained the master diploma in Physics in 1990 and the Ph. D. in Non Destructive Testing in 1996 at the University of Florence, Italy with a thesis on synthesis and characterization of diamond detectors. From 1999 is a researcher at the Department of Physics of the University of Florence. His research activity has been carried out in the framework of the National Institute for Nuclear physics of Italy and in international collaborations involving material characterization and material engineering of synthetic diamond for the preparation of radiation detectors, dosimeters and photonic devices.

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