Presenter : Jean Claude Kieffer, Institut national de la recherche scientifique /CANADA/

07.03.2017 /Tuesday/, 18:00, New Bulgarian University, lecture hall 405, building I

ABSTRACT: My talk will be divided in two parts. On one side, I will present an overview of the effort of my group in high field science (up to 1023 W/cm2) with the high peak power ultrafast laser system (named SPACE with 600TW power) at INRS in Quebec. I will discuss our funded program in developing high throughput phase contrast screening system based on LWFA X-ray sources for plant imaging through an initiative led by the Canadian Global Institute on Food Security (GIFS) that aims to elucidate that part of the functional that maps specific environmental inputs onto specific plant phenotypes. This program is the first of this kind in the world and I will show the very promising advantages of LWFA based betatron X-ray sources for high throughput imaging for the Agriculture sector. On another side, I will briefly describe, as the Science & Technology advisor for laser & optics of the President of the Aquitaine Region Council (France), the effort of the Aquitaine Region Council and CEA in building a large laser infrastructure (named PETAL for PETawatt Aquitaine Laser) and opening it to the civil community for research in laser-matter interaction.

Jean Claude Kieffer is currently full professor at INRS. He has established in 2002 the Advanced Laser Light Source (ALLS) national facility installed in Varennes (Quebec, Canada). His research interests include plasma physics, ultrafast lasers, ultrafast and high intensity laser-matter interaction, ultrafast x-ray sources and their applications to health science, dynamic imaging of complex systems, particle acceleration. Jean Claude Kieffer is fellow of the Royal Society of Canada.

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