Астрономия и астрофизика

Астрономия и астрофизика

December 8-9 2018

National Astronomical Observatory Rozhen, Bulgaria

The origin and evolution of the Universe intrigued human minds during all times and influential philosophical schools emerged which formed our current state of knowledge about the material world. The seminar consists of two sections : lectures and observations. The lectures include the following topics : inflationary cosmology and creation of elementary particles, observational methods for variable stars and astrobiology.  The observations will take place at the large telescope of NAO Rozhen.

Nicola Petrov, NAO Rozhen
Radina Nikolova, SU “St. Kliment Ohridski“
Stoyan Mishev, IAPS+NBU

The project is supported but the “Educational programs” fund of the Faculty of basic education in NBU, the Institute for Advanced Physical Studies, and the company “Quanterall”.



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